Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just a Normal Conversation...Well Kind of

It has finally started to cool off a bit here in Southeast Georgia, which for Jeremiah is perfect weather for sleeping with the windows open.  I however, crawl into bed completely covered in goosebumps.  If it's below 70 degrees, I normally freeze.  I have this weird thing called Raynaud's Syndrom which is a circulatory condition that causes my veins to constrict blood flow to my fingers and toes when I get cold; my fingers and toes will turn completely white and look almost dead.  It's kind of gross sounding, but it's just something I've dealt with since I was a teenager.  Anyways, as I crawled into the cool crisp covers last night, Jeremiah said to me as I was shivering and trying to get warm, "Are you going to make it your whole life without losing a hand or foot?"  I laughed and replied, "Are you going to make it your whole life without losing a hand or foot?"  I wasn't referring to him losing an appendage to frostbite but rather to a bomb exploding while he is trying to diffuse it.  We both just laughed and discussed how our regular conversations are so far from what most people probably discuss on a day to day basis, but for us, it's fairly common to discuss major injuries or even death.  While it may seem morbid, I think it is a way that we remind ourselves the dangers of his job and just the uncertainty of life in general and how we should never take a day for granted.