Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Defining Moment from the Trenches

     There are many times during a deployment that I just get overwhelmed.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with fear and loneliness, and at other times I am overwhelmed with people's generous outpouring of support.  However, during this last deployment, I had one of those moments you know will remain with you forever.  I was at church and in the middle of worship just felt myself become overcome by fear and worry.  I just kept asking God how I could ever survive if something happened to Jeremiah.  I stopped singing and just sat down and prayed.  Right there on the spot, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "I will provide for you.  I will provide for you financially. I will provide for you spiritually.  I will provide for you emotionally.  Even in death, I will supply all your needs."
     I have to admit, while I should have been comforted by this, my immediate thought was that something was going to happen to him.  Then I realized the important part of God's message to me that Sunday morning- my God was going to take care of me regardless of my circumstances.  I know He loves me and promises, not just in his Word but even through His Holy Spirit on a Sunday morning, He will take complete care of me.  I was overwhelmed with God's grace and humbled by his love.  For He never promised me an easy life void of  trials, but I am assured that his grace will always be sufficient.