Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Substitute Teaching and Group Doctors Appointments

  This week is one of those weeks you just want to get over with.  I am going to start substitute teaching for Liberty County Schools in Georgia, but first I have to go through job training.  I'm not exactly sure why they call it training because if it's like any other substitute training I've had in the past, we all just listen to a bunch of rules and school district policies, watch mandated reporter videos, and fill out paperwork.  None of the training sessions I have been to in the past have ever given tips on classroom discipline or what one should do if a kindergartner wets her pants in the lunch line while another kindergartner throws up and starts a puking chain reaction down the lunch line....yes, that actually happened to me at a school I worked at.  So, tomorrow I'll sit in a room full of strangers making polite conversation, but I probably won't ever see these people again.  The good thing is that after tomorrow, I should be able to substitute teach and finally make some money- which is definitely a good thing.
     On Friday, I have my first OBGYN appointment.  It's on base and the receptionist kindly informed it will be a "group appointment," and their space is very limited so I need to come by myself.  "Group appointment?!  What in the world is a "group appointment?"  I'm assuming they are just going to explain the good ol' policies and procedures to us, but we are on a military base; I've heard things are different, but this may be a bit more than I bargained for.  Don't worry, I'll keep you updated!